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The 'New Digital Laryngograph®' is now available. Find out more.

the company

Laryngograph® Ltd supplies equipment to speech therapists, ENT departments, hearing clinics, speech scientists, phoneticians and singing teachers throughout the world. Laryngograph® display and assessment systems make the link between physical accuracy and perceptual relevance, as a result of ongoing collaboration with clinicians and researchers.

the products

A range of products, including tools for speech analysis, stroboscopy and swallowing as well as video imaging and components are provided by Laryngograph®.
The Laryngograph®
Speech Studio system is a powerful tool capable of detailed running speech analysis, as well as performing analysis of sustained vowels. The combination of acoustic and EGG waveforms results in highly accurate measurements; this forms the basis of most Laryngograph® products. The recent development of the Digital Laryngograph® makes the system portable.
The LxStrobe Precision Stroboscopy system utilizes the techniques used by Speech Studio to trigger a stroboscopic light source, resulting in the highest quality images for clinical use. Similarly, the Digital FEES Swallowing system combines acoustic and EGG waveforms with video imaging, allowing anaysis of swallowing.
For more information on these and other products, see the Products section.

the web site

This site is continually being improved, and we will be adding application information to the product details now given. If you are unfamiliar with our software and equipment please go to the about page, which will guide you to those products which may be of interest. If you have any questions about how you might make use of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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